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About Me -

About Me

I am in my fourth year of education at the University of Hull, enrolled on the Computer Science with Games Development (with Industrial Experience) course.  I have an avid interest in programming, and have various levels of experience across a wide range of languages. Most notably C based languages; C# and C++. In addition to my interest in programming in general, I particularly favour graphical programming as well as in engine development. My primary engine experience is within Unreal Engine 4 versions 4.07-4.17, with experience in both C++ and Blueprints. My experience includes: a full year industrial experience working on, among other things, a multi-user mixed medium –  PC and VR, training simulation solution for the fire service; an ongoing final year project creating a “Multi-agent Self-managing town simulation” as well as numerous  independent projects.

For me Computer Science was a natural degree choice. It allowed me to utilise my strengths, passions and to apply my abilities in mathematics in a creative and innovative way. When looking at degree courses I favoured those that were broad, covering the languages required, but that also offered graphical programming options and a focus on games programming. My experience on my Internship at HIVE provided me the opportunity to gain first hand coding experience in a professional coding environment, using industry standard protocols and techniques, whilst developing my portfolio and advancing my skill set.

Throughout my degree course, I have further developed my interest in programming, taking part in a number of voluntary programming competitions during my time at the University such as Three Thing Game. The experience of group programming and tight deadlines have allowed for rapid experience in understanding what makes a team function and how to achieve goals. I am proud to have gained a 1st in the 2 years of university.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. For examples of my work please see the “Portfolio” section of the site. This contains an ever increasing archive of my work which I am continually trying to add to from my previously completed work and ongoing ventures. If you are curious in seeing what I am interested in, visit my informal blog for a variety of posts related to my day to day life, but also including posts referencing my coding experiences and university assigned work. Finally, I have a section for my “Other projects” that I have undertaken thus far.

Josh Snape